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IoT platform SIM & Device Management 4.0

The M2M Unity Portal is your personal IoT command centre where you can control all your SIM cards and IoT devices centrally and independently of the provider. The web application gives you an overview of all IoT and M2M activities and provides you with all the information you need.

Multi-Provider SIM Management

With M2M-Unity Portal you manage and control provider-independent M2M SIM cards and IoT devices worldwide. Use the M2M-Unity IoT Portal as a reliable enterprise tool for monitoring your cross-industry M2M data cards, network connections, machines and devices.

Key Features

User administration

Define users with assignment of rights e.g. administrator normal user etc.


Even if our software platform fails, all your IoT device connections remain uninterrupted.

Provider settings

View and change the settings and features of the respective provider.

Filter functions

Filter e.g. by provider, tariff, data volume etc. to generate detailed evaluations.

SIM card management

Manage all your data cards and define important settings e.g. SIM active/not active.


In our clear dashboard, all data come together and are visualised clearly.

Area of use


Alarm and security systems inform you in real time about unwanted events.


Transmission of patient data and locations worldwide via mobile radio.


Modems transmit real-time data from available parking spaces to the control centre.


Ensuring safe and reliable operation of e.g. wind turbines.

Your advantages

Benefit from our many years of experience as an expert for fast, secure and global M2M/IoT connectivity.


Direct overview with an innovative dashboard

Global Access

Worldwide access to your M2M cards, devices, machines and customers

Data control

Full data control and history of your M2M/IoT connectivity


Notifications of critical conditions and changes

Cost control

Real-time cost monitoring and output of the total cost amount

SIM LifeCycle

Overview of all SIM activations and LifeCycle Stages of each provider

IoT Visualisation

Clear evaluations and graphical visualisation of all IoT connectivities

All network providers

Overview of all SIM and tariff features of the respective provider

Customer service

Personal advice and support from M2M/IoT experts

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